The Mosoontu Family in Africa


Samuel Mosoontu became a Christian under the missionary work of Nancy McElroy from S.A., joined the Pwani Bible Institute in 1996 and completed a Diploma in Bible & Pastoral Ministries in 2000.

After this he began full-time ministry, being involved in his local church in the rural Kajaido district, Kenya. He works amongst the indigenous Maasai people, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry falls under the oversight of the A.I.C. Church Council, which grew out of the original Africa Inland Mission organization (A.I.M.). Over the years he has taken on responsibilities of overseeing other local churches in a wider area. In this capacity, Samuel runs Bible studies and seminars providing training for church leaders from God’s Word.

His goals are to see that believers are well-rooted in Christ, resisting false teaching, strengthened in the faith and overflowing with thankfulness. He has said “…our lives are God’s field and He uses our lives for His own glory.”

Latest News:

It is with great sadness that we have heard of Samuel being ousted from the church he shepherds .  Furthermore, he has been stripped of his Chairmanship of the local District Church Council as the instigators appear to want an office bearer who will “directly serve their wishes and accommodate their interests.” A new pastor has already been appointed and Samuel has returned to his home church. While happy to do this, he questions the hearts of those who will lead the church and of those, at a national level, who have appointed them.

Standing strong in this trial, and with unwavering faith, Samuel believes that it is not he himself who is being targeted but God’s truth, that he preaches, that powerfully exposes and resists men’s sin. In his own words: “Galatians 4:16: The Galatians hated Paul for telling them the truth and I believe that we preach the sharper Word, which doesn’t look for “locusts in people’s hearts”, but afflicts the comfortable and comforts the afflicted. Romans 8:27 and Job 23:10 is completely our strength; we are not intimidated neither will we be.”

Pray for Samuel and his family, at this time, as they think about their future in the ministry, and for the saints left behind.