The Mosoontu Family in Africa


Samuel Mosoontu became a Christian under the missionary work of Nancy McElroy from S.A., joined the Pwani Bible Institute in 1996 and completed a Diploma in Bible & Pastoral Ministries in 2000.

After this he began full-time ministry, being involved in his local church in the rural Kajaido district, Kenya. He works amongst the indigenous Maasai people, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry falls under the oversight of the A.I.C. Church Council, which grew out of the original Africa Inland Mission organization (A.I.M.). Over the years he has taken on responsibilities of overseeing other local churches in a wider area. In this capacity, Samuel runs Bible studies and seminars providing training for church leaders from God’s Word.

His goals are to see that believers are well-rooted in Christ, resisting false teaching, strengthened in the faith and overflowing with thankfulness. He has said “…our lives are God’s field and He uses our lives for His own glory.”

Latest News:

The Mosoontus have experienced a series of mixed blessings from the Lord over the last six months. On the spiritual front spiritual growth and restoration has taken place in the church. The erring church member and an elder who had caused much trouble and were under church discipline were reinstated as members. Samuel has experienced spiritual growth and the youth are being trained in evangelism.

Excitement was the order of the day when Sylvia discovered she was pregnant. The other two children, Caleb and Valerie are doing well at school. Samuel’s parents are however ailing.

The September newsletter revealed the good news that the government had tractors available to dig out a dam and capture the water in a large open area where the water rages like a river and is lost to the ground. (The family had once tried unsuccessfully to dig out a dam by hand) Pneumonia, problems with the tractor and the challenge of moving heavy boulders presented challenges.

In October Samuel lost his uncle due to a bad fall. It affected his father so much that he fell sick and Samuel faced the challenge of ministering to him. In November Samuel lost his brother to a snake bite. However, on 27th November the Lord blessed the Mosoontus with another daughter, Vivian Nabulu!

Pray for:

  • Thank God for the growth and spiritual restoration that has taken place in the church;
  • Thank God for the birth of Vivian Nabulu and pray for wisdom for her parents; and
  • for God’s protection against snake bites!

We have just recently received news from Samuel that God has answered prayers for rain recently!! As Samuel says – “The entire vegetation and creatures is happy and beautiful”!!