The Mosoontu Family in Africa


Samuel Mosoontu became a Christian under the missionary work of Nancy McElroy from S.A., joined the Pwani Bible Institute in 1996 and completed a Diploma in Bible & Pastoral Ministries in 2000.

After this he began full-time ministry, being involved in his local church in the rural Kajaido district, Kenya. He works amongst the indigenous Maasai people, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry falls under the oversight of the A.I.C. Church Council, which grew out of the original Africa Inland Mission organization (A.I.M.). Over the years he has taken on responsibilities of overseeing other local churches in a wider area. In this capacity, Samuel runs Bible studies and seminars providing training for church leaders from God’s Word.

His goals are to see that believers are well-rooted in Christ, resisting false teaching, strengthened in the faith and overflowing with thankfulness. He has said “…our lives are God’s field and He uses our lives for His own glory.”

The Mosoontus began their January newsletter praising and thanking God for His goodness to them in the form of support both financial and spiritual support from HBC. The newly elected church council at his own church was also helpful and cooperative. Samuel was keenly aware of people praying for him.

The Mosoontus however, face trials. They have outgrown their home and likewise, need to find a bigger church building. On the day of the attack , a group under the leadership of a rebellious elder attempted to knife Samuel and another elder. Samuel is determined to remain focused in his biblical approach and passion in delivering God’s Word to the people he has grown to love.

Apart from conducting wedding services for his sisters, the church held their vocational Bible Study over Easter. At the time Samuel celebrated having been a Christian for 27 years. As a result of his infrequent radio program ‘Nosim’ meaning ‘Never Lonely’ named after his daughter, Samuel has been invited to start his own weekly program by the Broadcasting Corporation. Please pray that God will provide the means to finance this, if it is His will.


• The opportunity to minister on the radio.

• The provision of a bigger church and house.

• Much needed rain and political stability in the country.