The Brown Family in Gauteng


Robin and Gigi Brown have settled into South Africa well enough to finally begin thinking of taking a well-earned holiday. The move from Asia to South Africa was long and complex, and Robin has been busy establishing himself at Monash University, Johannesburg, training and mentoring student pastors from various parts of Africa and the world. This is not to mention also getting children settled in new schools and familiarizing themselves with our multi-faceted South African culture!

Later this year they are planning a family holiday to Cape Town. While their accommoda­tion has already been organised, HBC will be paying for their flights and car hire while they are in the mother city.


  • for a blessed and restful holiday, which will restore their energies;
  • that the Lord continues to work through them, and that His uncompromised word is heard and taught when their students return to their home countries; and
  • that God continue to strengthen and bless Antioch Bible Church.