The Brown Family in Gauteng


In June this year, after having left South Africa 20 years ago, the Browns moved back. There were several factors that precipitated the Browns move from Asia to South Africa.
Visa Issues, cost Factors, uncertainty with short visa renewals, causing uncertainty to planning the 3 year training schedule.   The Lord has supplied another wonderful godly family to replace them. The husband is a permanent resident and has no requirements to leave the country at all.

This change was not taken lightly. Almost a year has passed since they realized this change may happen. Much prayer was done over moving and they believe that this is the direction the Lord has led them to take.

They will be part of an international outreach to men and women not only from South Africa but many other nations in Africa. This new ministry is locally accountable to Antioch Bible Church in Johannesburg, a like-minded, elder-led church.  The preaching pastor is GMI Missionary, Tim Cantrell. The men and women they minister to, will attend Monash University.  They will be the “Monash Missionaries” working alongside nationals.

The countries they return to are dominated by shallow church teaching, animism and the threat of Islam. These bright people will definitely strengthen churches in their countries! The need is very great.

Their heart is in training leaders for the church and their goal is also to identify gifted men who may be trained for pastoral ministry and then mentor them, even through to a new Pastoral Training seminary due to start in Johannesburg next year.

Summary Goals

1) Train and shepherd these people to be Aquila’s and Priscilla’s in their home churches.

2) Follow up with them as the travel home, linking them with associated ministries in Africa

3) Identify men following the call to pastor, assisting in the new training seminary starting in Johannesburg, starting 2016.

4) Come alongside local elders in leadership.

5) Facilitate any supporting churches towards sending STM teams to be part of the work here.