Sunday School

Untitled-1Our Sunday School caters for children from the age of 3 through to grade 7 and runs concurrently with the morning service at 09:30.We are currently using material that has been written by our church. It is a four-year common curriculum for grade 000 – 7, where we teach one of the Gospels each year and in addition the children work through a substantial part of the Old Testament and New Testament over the four years, in “term-size” portions. In addition, for one term each year, we teach a topic, such as prayer, godly living or forgiveness. The materials include a memory portion which is taught incrementally throughout each term so that the children are taught to value and treasure God’s Word. Each week we send a take-home sheet to parents so that they are able to see what their children are being taught and are able to revise the materials with their children so as to enforce the lesson we have taught.

We believe that the Bible is all we need for salvation and in order to be totally equipped to do what God would have us do (2 Tim 3:15 – 16, 2 Pet 1:3) and so the materials focus on teaching the children the gospel from the Bible. They are regularly confronted with their sin, God’s holiness and His love and grace and amazing gift of salvation through the death of Jesus in our place (Rom 6:23). We teach the children how they ought to live as children of God, but they are not encouraged to be merely moral. Our aim is that children will be saved and that through the teaching of the Word their minds will be renewed which will result in them being transformed into godly children of God (Rom 12:2).Feel free to use the following email address to contact our Sunday School for any additional details:

Feel free to download our most recent lessons below.

But God Meant it for Good Lesson One 10 April 2016.pdf