The Moller Family – Missionaries to Africa

The Moller Family are missionaries in Africa; due to the sensitivity of their missional setting, they have asked that we don’t disclose their exact whereabouts.

Keith and Christine report that life is very busy,  but has been helped greatly by the arrival of Tumi, who is a local who has been educated in the USA, Tumi has returned to her home country to teach and is helping Christine with their four children who range from kindergarten age to first year high school.

The Bible revision moves forward, with the earnest endeavours of their team of translators, and welcomed, but late, rain has eased their water shortages.

  • for the translators that, through their work, their relationships with God may be deepened;
  • for Keith as he guides and instructs this team of men and women; and
  • for plentiful crops, despite late


 As we serve Him together Keith, Christeen, Hannah, Michael, Mary and Keren Moller