The Moller Family – Missionaries to Africa

The Moller Family are missionaries in Africa; due to the sensitivity of their missional setting, they have asked that we don’t disclose their exact whereabouts.

I am so excited to write this newsy letter.  I have been waiting as we have news but wanted everything to fall into place before we wrote and told you all about it.

Thank you to all those have been praying for us.  It has been an awfully busy time but Keith has at last handed in his dissertation.  We are all thrilled to have Dad at home more.

While he was away, the new school year began and with that, expectantly, children started arriving at our new school.  We weren’t at all ready to open as we still didn’t have teachers or a principal.  To make things more intense, the only other school in the area didn’t have staff either thus increasing the amount of children.    At the moment there are 400 children and counting.  As you can imagine, our search for a head teacher moved up to a much higher priority.  Many good options fell through.

Eventually God revealed the man to us.  Someone who we know and thought was unavailable.  God is so good!  He has lived in the area and has been successful in building a school before.  We look forward to the next weeks as he gets ready to start teaching in the new school term in January.  Please pray with us for him as he takes over this important ministry.

This past weekend  we managed to get away to the mountains.  It was just wonderful to have family time and time away from the work.  It is our first time off in a rather long time.

 As we serve Him together Keith, Christeen, Hannah, Michael, Mary and Keren Moller