The Moller Family – Missionaries to Africa

The Moller Family are missionaries in Africa; due to the sensitivity of their missional setting, they have asked that we don’t disclose their exact whereabouts.

With the year coming to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years and in 2014 especially.  We so appreciate your regular and faithful financial support and the prayer support we know you give us.  Thank you!


Bible Revision Project

The project started mid January with the securing of the lease for the premises followed by renovations to the building essential to get started. In March we started recruiting. Candidates were interview and selected. In April we conducted a training workshop led by a Bible Societies’ consultant. Candidates were given initial training in translation principles and numerous assignments. From the results of these assignments the most suitable candidates were chosen as translators (6 in all). We had hoped for more people but we were very careful/critical who we chose especially when it came to mother tongue speakers. An extensive training program followed this for the translators, which included a weeklong workshop familiarizing the translators with the software they were going to be used.   Translation commenced on the 21st July 2014 with two teams of three. The initial books selected by the consultation committee for revising was Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts.

The good news is that we have just finished the first draft of Genesis. It has been an interesting few months. Gathering key terms, more training, settling on the orthography and working through complicated passages – always searching deeper into the language. We would really covet your prayers for this project.

Primary School Project

Last week our two building teams returned from the building project up in the mountains. Building grinds to a halt once the rains start due to the poor road conditions. But we are grateful for good progress over the past season. Two teachers houses completed, two toilet blocks up to floor level including cisterns and walkways and another four classrooms up to roof height. The ring beams were the last objective to be completed before the teams returned. A big prayer request is to find the right teachers and principal for the school. We are looking for folk who are not just coming for employment at the school but see the opportunity as a ministry itself.

With my (Keith) transition to the bible revision project Howard has taken over the leadership of ministry up in the mountains. Having said that we are still closely involved in this ministry with regular visits to the villages. Sadly we have not seen any more converts this year but we trust that our Lord will continue to reveal Himself to these people. Please pray for Howard as he undertakes this ministry and in particular pray for the people to recognizes and accept the truth in the word of God.


As a family we are doing well but it has been an eventful few months with all sorts of parasites and bugs visiting the family. On the more social side we have had a string of birthday parties with all children ‘graduating’ to another year. Christeen has been amazing with all her organizing, and baking, and …, and…. Children’s parties are a real ‘all ages’ social event here. Everyone comes, young and old which adds to the whole dynamic. Their schooling is also progressing and Christeen & the children will spend a few weeks in SA next year giving the children opportunities to participate is some extra curricular activities that they don’t get to do here.


After eighteen years our old Land Cruiser is really getting on with ‘go no further’ break downs occurring more regularly now and long towing sessions on muddy mountain roads. And so it was with great joy that we took delivery of a new Land Cruiser in June.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for your ongoing support.

Commitment like yours is what makes it possible to be here. Thank You!