The Moller Family – Missionaries to Africa

The Moller Family are missionaries in Africa; due to the sensitivity of their missional setting, they have asked that we don’t disclose their exact whereabouts.

We have just returned from a few months in South Africa and already we feel like we’ve been back for months.  Our trip to South Africa was multi-faceted.  Family weddings, important birthdays and children needing to connect to the South African culture were the main reasons why we decided on this trip.  Keith only joined us for 2 weeks in the beginning and 2 weeks in the end.

Highlights of the trip was wonderful times spent with grandparents, being able to get involved in church and lots of bonding time with special friends and family.  The lowlight was definitely that Keith wasn’t with us! Despite the wonderful time in SA it is just wonderful to be home!

The rainy season is slowing down but has definitely not stopped as a recent trip to the village proved.  We didn’t get stuck but we came close!  We regularly praise God for our strong vehicles and good tyres! Despite very heavy rains and then dry spells, the maize in the area mostly looks like a good crop. Although many in other area are expecting a poor harvest.

We were disappointed that all our village friends were in their fields so we didn’t manage to even greet them. We are very excited that Lyndsay has been granted a TEP (work permit). She is an amazing asset to our family and ministry and we are blessed to have her as part of our team.

We arrived home just in time for the Easter weekend.  What a privilege it was to spend it with fellow workers.  The picture below was taken of the moonrise on Easter Saturday. Please continue to pray for our family.  We can’t survive here without it.

 As we serve Him together Keith, Christeen, Hannah, Michael, Mary and Keren Moller