1000 Hills Baptist Church

Location of ministry: Valley of 1000, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Background:This church was founded in 2000.  Pastor Vika Gwala (Pictured with his wife, Mantombi) has pastured the church for the past 7 years.  The congregation presently has 100 members and is growing.

The church continues to grow in numbers and Vika reports that every month there are conversions. Recently the congregation has been challenged regarding getting involved in their own missions work; more teaching will take place on the subject.

The church is looking forward to becoming an independent, autonomous church, affiliated to the Baptist Union.

There is an urgent need for paving to be done on the driveway before the raining season starts, and there is also a need for extensive maintenance work to be done on the manse. Pray for the necessary finances to complete this work.

With Nkululeko having taken up a pastorate in Cape Town, Vika is doing a lot of the work while holding down a full time job. He meets with 10 people every Thursday and is encouraged that some show signs of being potential leaders.


• The means to complete the church building.

• Elders to assist Vika.

• Conversions in the church.

Click here for Donor Information and how you can help expand God’s Kingdom into the Valley of the 1000 Hills! (The PDF is 4MB large and might take a while to download; please be patient).

For more info, contact Stan Webster, Elder in charge of Missions at HBC, stantilly@webbis.co.za